Friday, 7 January 2011

Kersey Vilagxo Kersey Village.

Jen Kersey. beleta vilagxo en Suffolk, kie oni filmis la plej fresxan "Meerkat" auxto-asekuran reklamon.....

Bv tajpu en Google: compare the market advert in Kersey

Tio kondukos vin al nian lokan
jxurnalon "La Vespera Stelo" - kaj jen la video.

This is Kersey, a pretty village in Suffolk, where the latest "Meerkat" car insurance advert was filmed....

Please type in Google: compare the market advert in Kersey

This will take you to our local newspaper "The Evening Star" - and here is the video.


  1. Hello Christine

    You probably know about JEB already, but if not you might be interested in

  2. Hello Brian - I didn't know about JEB but thank you for bringing it to my attention. Have added it to my Favourites.