Sunday, 31 October 2010

"Macxemo la Cxuitsoro" Chewy the Chewitsaurus

Ni vidis ankaux "Macxemo la Cxuitsoro"hieraux. Li estas la talismano por "Chewits" (el -parolu "cxuits") sukerajxoj. Vi povas vidi lin en reklamo sur la sekvanta pagxo.

.....We also saw "Chewie the Chewitsaurus" yesterday. He is the mascot for "Chewits" sweets .
You can see him in an advert on the next page.



  1. That's cool! Where exactly did you see him? :)

    I've been helping Chewits find their old adverts, didn't know they had a mascot out on the street already.

  2. Hello zillastyle. He was in Ipswich, Suffolk
    town centre. :-)