Friday, 5 November 2010

La Tattingstone Mirindajxo (1) The Tattingstone Wonder(1)

Tattingstone vilagxo estas proks 6 mejlojn de Ipswich. Kiam vi ekvidas cxi tiun konstruajxon vi opinias ke gxi estas pluan beletan vilagxan pregxejon. Tamen se vi iras al la malantauxan flankon.......
Tattingstone village is about 6 miles from Ipswich. When you first catch sight of this building you think it is another pretty little village church. However if you go to the back .....


  1. Rather mean of you not to mention that it is a house at the front. To date I have not seen this back view although I passed the front with the Suffolk Ramblers. Is it your intention to improve the British tourist industry and get people from all over the World to solve your puzzle as to what the front looks like.

  2. Hello Bob!
    Thank you for your comment - what a good idea!
    Happy rambling.